Yuyu Pharma was recognized as Family Friendly Company by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family

Yuyu Pharma was recognized as “Family-Friendly Company” by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family

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30 dicembre 2020

Recognized for adapting and implementing outstanding family-friendly policies for employees
SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Yuyu Pharma(CEO Robert Wonsang Yu, KRX: 000220) received recognition from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family for implementing family-friendly policies for their employees. This is the second-time Yuyu has received this certification from the Ministry, as it was recognized as an “Outstanding Family-Friendly Company” back in 2015. Certification by the Ministry as a “Family-Friendly Company” is awarded to companies or public institutions that exhibit exemplary family-friendly operations, such as support for employees during pregnancy, flexible work schedules, and the creation of family-friendly workplace culture, as a part of the Ministry’s efforts to promote work-life balance. The certification is determined by evaluating the company’s commitment, policies, and satisfaction of employees.
Yuyu Pharma has focused on initiating policies that make it possible for employees to balance family and work, and to improve the welfare of its employees. For example, Yuyu reduces the working hours of pregnant employees, operates nursing and health service rooms, provides free influenza vaccination to all employees, and awards college scholarships for children of employees.
Yuyu Pharma’s CEO Robert Wonsang Yu said, “I believe that there is a strong relationship between family-friendly policies and employee retention. By implementing such policies, we at Yuyu can keep valuable employees, and also recruit the best talent. Employees also tend to concentrate more fully on their work, knowing that family obligations are taken care of. As the company grows, we hope to continue to make Yuyu a better place for employees.”
Yuyu Pharma has also recently received other awards, such as the “Youth-Friendly Company” Award by the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the “Longevity Company” Award by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, and the “Governor’s Award for Creating Quality Jobs” from the North Chungcheong province.
About Yuyu Pharma
Yuyu Pharma (KRX: 000220) is a pharmaceutical company founded in 1941. The company manufactures, distributes, and does marketing for pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and medical foods in South Korea and Southeast Asia. Currently, Yuyu Pharma is focusing on developing new drugs for treating enlarged prostates and dry eye syndrome.
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